As CEO of Southcare, a community-based organisation providing healthcare and capacity building to seniors, I recognised the need for an injection of young leaders into the not-for-profit sector. Discovering that 29 per cent of people on publicly listed boards in Australia were aged 60 years or more, I launched ‘Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards’ through a social innovation grant.

The program has been developed and delivered by myself and an external business partner Alicia Curtis and has three elements:

  • Young Leaders Intensive Training Program – learning workshops, group project, networking functions, CEO mentoring, position shadowing, Board observation and traineeship opportunities.
  • Unconventions Event Series – half day workshops for Senior Executives (e.g. CEOs and Board Directors) to discuss and review experiential and topical issues associated with leadership and governance.
  • A best practice On-Line Resource Toolkit.
  • As a result of this program, Southcare is gaining a reputation as an innovative, collaborative organisation that is leading the sector by advocating for and investing in the capacity of young leaders and improved board governance. The value and benefits include:

Recognition and action within the NFP sector of the importance of engaging young leaders to achieve their organisation’s strategic aims.

Ongoing development of Board ready young leaders equipped with skills to take on Board and other leadership positions within the Aged Care and Community sector.
NFP Boards and Committees have increased diversity of board members.

A best practice On-line Resource Toolkit of detailed and practical resources to assist organisations and younger leaders to connect, collaborate and contribute within the sector.

An innovative collaboration investment model.

Collaborating with 22 other organisations, the program sees community sector leaders engaged in getting young people involved in a sector that will expand as the population ages and availability of informal carers declines.
This initiative helps to equip leaders of the future to take on board and committee roles in the aged care and community sector.

I am delighted to have been selected as a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the Business Innovation Category that recognises innovation across a number of areas including sales and marketing, process, product or service. ‘Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards’ has been recognised for the award.

You can get involved by sending a message of support and congratulations that will be displayed on screen at the State and Territory Gala Dinner on the 10th October.Tuesday 7th October is the last day you can send your message.

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