The secret to life is to prioritise humour, humility and humanity, says 72-year old Ollie (Oleg) Morozow, who now spends his time doing that as a volunteer. 

Ollie worked with people for 42 years, mainly in executive management positions including environmental  management, cultural heritage, sustainability, climate change and community and Aboriginal relations, and continues working with people now through his time as a volunteer at Southcare.  

“Humans are fascinating creatures and I am lucky to keep working with them!” Ollie said. 

Ollie is Southcare’s “handy helper” doing all sorts of work to help the team continue their essential service.  

“Southcare uses its caring hands to help people and I use mine to help too, by doing things like keeping the grounds and office looking great, setting up rooms for functions, helping with catering and all those little jobs that are needed to keep the team working well, that’s where you can find me.” 

Ollie’s connection to people is as eclectic as it is engaging.  With his own grandparents not surviving Communist Soviet Russia and the Second World War, he was fortunate to meet and acquire two wonderful Australian family ‘elders’ and personal mentors. 

“WA’s own well-known conservationist Dr Harry Butler was my mentor on the paternal side and Aboriginal author and activist Hazel McKellar on the maternal side. 

When arriving in Australia, and attending school, at one stage I found myself in the same class as Olivia Newton-John and Daryl Braithwaite. 

“They used to call her Ollie 1 and me Ollie 2 and when we performed as a class, I used to mime the words!” Ollie laughed. 

“Professionally I have worked all over Australia and had some rewarding times in the outback with some of our Indigenous leaders, so it has been a rich and rewarding life getting to know lots of different people and their motivations. 

After retiring from professional life in 2013, volunteering was the natural progression to keep up the people passion. 

“I’ve had a good life and have worked with some amazing people and it’s now time for me to keep doing that by giving back,” Ollie said. 

“I am used to working with people.  I used to manage people and while leadership is important, sometimes a positive attribute is to be a follower too,” Ollie said. 

This is the first time Ollie has volunteered for a social service, having previously volunteered as a Director of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, a team leader with the Noosa Coast Guard Radio Team and an associate with the St Vincent de Paul Family Support. 

Ollie’s other mantra is “do what you do and do it well” and isn’t it great that so many can benefit from his skills and selflessness. 

Southcare Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said International Volunteer Day is on 5 December with the theme Recognise. Reconnect. Reimagine 

“We are proud to do just that with our team of volunteers,” Dr Howe said. 

If you would like to volunteer at Southcare, there are many ways you can use your caring hands helping our team and our customers.   Reach out at 9450 6233 or