Please be aware that the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) will be conducting a survey during June and July and it is likely some of our Southcare Stars will be contacted to provide voluntary feedback.

The purpose of the survey is to understand outcomes for customers with respect to the Aged Care Quality Standards, User Rights Principles and the effect that COVID-19 has had on our customer’s care and service.

If you are contacted, you may be asked to answer questions as follows, and we encourage you to speak freely and candidly of your experience:

• What infection control procedures has Southcare put in place?
• How much have you been contacted by Southcare during COVID-19?
• Have you felt supported during COVID-19?

Southcare CEO Dr Nicky Howe said as the rules regarding COVID-19 continue to relax, there is an increased need to remain alert and prepared.

“Until such time we know with 100% certainty that it is safe for our customers and our older, vulnerable community members to return to their “new normal”, we must continue to keep them protected,” Dr Howe said.

“Southcare has been vigilant from the get go in its management of COVID-19 with many measures put in place quickly and seamlessly.

“Our collective and proactive efforts have ensured that we have zero reported cases and we intend to keep it that way,” Dr Howe said.

“We welcome the survey by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and support its mission to keep home care providers in check.

“Providing a high level of care to vulnerable members in our community is extremely important, never moreso than in this current climate,” Dr Howe said.

We welcome your questions on this survey and invite you or a family member to contact us on 9450 6233. Alternatively you can visit the Commission’s website at or contact the Commission directly on 1800 951 822, and press option 2.

For more information on what Southcare is doing to manage COVID-19, please read the blog and join our community on Facebook.