We all know the saying “good things come in threes” and for Southcare Stars Fran, Isobel and Marina that certainly rings true!

Friends for at least a decade, and all living in the same retirement village, they also share a love of being self-proclaimed social butterflies!

“Sometimes we meet in each other’s homes to catch up, other times we walk to a café and the easiest is meeting under the lemon tree which perfectly sits in between mine and Isobel’s unit,” Marina says.

“Today we’re drinking tea but other times it might be something that opens with the pop of a cork!” Fran laughs.

The three ladies also share similar services from Southcare with each receiving fortnightly domestic assistance support in line with their assessed and approved care needs.

“One hour of help from Southcare gives us all a fortnight of freedom,” Marina says.

“I’ve been with Southcare for 11 years now; and the help around the home is wonderful because it means I can do other things I enjoy,” Isobel says.

“Social connection is so important, and we enjoy it more because we have time for it, whether that be helping on the village’s social club committee or attending events as a member, it’s all enjoyable!” Fran says.

Cheers, ladies, keep on shining!

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