Southcare Star Richard loves a challenge, just as much as he loves getting out of his home to complete them.
“I’m 82 and while I don’t drive anymore, I know I can’t stay inside my four walls at home day after day.
Richard has created a weekly program and uses that as a to do list each time Southcare visits him, ticking each challenge off as he goes, in line with his assessed and approved care needs.

“Some days it’s shopping for food, plants or something for the house, other times we grab a coffee together and have started rating all the cafes we visit… we are getting quite the collection now!,” he says.
“When the sun is out, we enjoy a picnic, I like to mix things up and love the company.”

Richard’s wife passed away seven years ago and having been married for 54 years, he tells us he misses her dearly.

“We did so much together and now it’s just me living at home, so I want to make sure I stay active and social too.

“Having Southcare visit me and take me out on adventures every week is great, and they also arranged a Cabcharge card so I can take a taxi to other places I need to go or to meet my family.

“The freedom that gives me is wonderful,” he says.

One of Richard’s mantras is “never stop learning” which is why he often visits museums as part of his adventure program and weekly travels.

“I don’t know about you; but I would rather make history than be history!” he laughs.

He made history when he was working as he was the one who set up the sister city relationship between the City of Belmont and Adachi-ku in Tokyo, Japan, which is part of an exhibition at the local museum now.

“That all happened back in October 1984 and it’s wonderful to think it is still being celebrated 40 years on”.

Living independently at home is also important to Richard.

“I try to do everything myself because once I stop, I know that will be the start of the end, but it is great to have help to do the things I can’t do, like drive.”

Thanks Richard, sounds like a good challenge for all of us!

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