Southcare’s Community Support team helps with emergency relief, financial counselling, energy saving advice and Aboriginal Family Support.  This is a real-life example of a customer that we helped and names have been changed for privacy reasons…

Mr W had recently become homeless after he was forced to move out of a rental property that had become uninhabitable.

Due to the shortage of rental properties, Mr W was having difficulty finding affordable housing and despite being on the waiting list for supported housing, was some time away being provided with an offer to be housed.

Mr W has mental and physical health issues and was living out of his vehicle which was mechanically very unreliable and uneconomic to run.

He was having difficulty managing on Centrelink unemployment benefits as his food and car running costs were so high. He was constantly driving around the Perth metro area looking for suitable places to park his car to avoid the risk of being fined/moved on.

Without any cooking equipment or ability to store perishables, Mr W’s food costs were significant and despite his best efforts he often struggled to pay for his basic needs.

Southcare assisted him with food vouchers while at the same time providing him support and referring him to agencies able to help him find accommodation.

Mr W is now residing in a lodge while he continues to be supported to find a place of his own. He still regularly attends Southcare for general support and financial counselling.

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