When we found out that one of our Southcare Stars was a magazine editor for 45 incredible years, we just had to feature him in Southcare’s stories!

Say hello to Denis who started his working life at 14 years of age with magazine distributor, Gordon & Gotch and retired when he was 59.

“My sister got me the job as she also worked there, and it took me three months to convince my mum that leaving school was the right thing to do and this was the career for me!” Denis said.

“Lucky for me, it turned out great!”

Denis is now 93 years old and the magazines he reads today are mostly about gardening.  You see, he spends his time on his third acre block growing all sorts of goodies as well as looking after six chooks.

“I’ve got pumpkins and onions in the ground and Valencia and Navel oranges growing right now,” he said.

“Mum and dad were farmers and a life on the land is good for the soul,” he said.

“When I retired, I was self-employed for a little while, mowing people’s gardens and the like, and enjoy being outdoors, so it is great I can continue to do that now on my own property.”

Southcare visits Denis once a fortnight to help with domestic duties in the home he has lived in for 60 years, in line with his approved care needs.

“I have the time to do what I enjoy outdoors because Southcare helps me indoors with domestic assistance,” Denis said.

“I give away most of the produce to my 4 children and 2 grandchildren, and still cook for my family when they visit.  It’s all in a day’s work!”

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