“Never stop learning”, such are the wise words of Southcare Star Ted, who took up painting when he was 43 and continues some 30+ years later.

Ted paints in his home studio in Manning; mainly landscapes, portraits and representational, where he creates paintings based on photos he has taken.

“My old high school teacher said I couldn’t and shouldn’t paint,” Ted laughed.

“I guess I showed him!”

Turning 43 was a pivotal year for Ted because that same year he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

“My joints decided they would leave me and move to the south of France,” Ted laughed.

“At the time it was devastating. I was training for a marathon and used to run 6km every day.

Since then, I’ve had four total hip replacements and the pain is still there daily which is why I receive help to keep living the best way I can.

Southcare helps Ted with  fortnightly domestic services and a six-weekly gardening service, as well as visits to see an occupational therapist (OT) and any recommended mobility aids in line with his approved care needs.

“The OT has been wonderful as any movement to my wrists and back can become very sore very quickly.  The pain in my back is quite severe due to vertebrae fractures through osteoporosis.

Doing simple things like making a cup of tea or holding my paintbrush can be tricky,” Ted said.

“The OT suggested a pivot kettle and wrist guards for extra support.”

Southcare helped Ted source approved mobility aids enabling him to remain mobile when out of the home visiting nearby shops and parks, continuing with is other creative love of photography.

“My new gopher is reliable and quiet and lets me silently move up close to things I want to photograph,” Ted said.

“I just took a photo of an osprey up close and am now painting that.

“This help gives me a level of freedom, which I love as it allows me to continue my creative pursuits and keeps my mind active.”

Turns out, while turning 43 meant losing some things physically, it has helped Ted gain a heap more mentally.

Keep on learning, creating and painting, Ted!

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