“Never stop learning,” are the wise words from Southcare star Trish who turns 72 this year and has just taken up crochet. 

“I’ve made hats for me, for my friends and am currently making one for my daughter,” Trish said. 

The new skill was taught to her by Community Support Worker Young who provides regular care and social support to Trish in her Como home. 

“I just mentioned one day that I would quite like to learn it and she quite literally hooked me up!” Trish laughed. 

Young learned to crochet from her parents in Korea and so is teaching Trish the traditional Korean way as well as the western way. 

“We go shopping together, drink coffee and now we crochet,” Young said. 

“It’s been wonderful to discover a new skill and I love it so much I have since bought more wool and three books to learn new stitches,” Trish said. 

I do it just for fun and perhaps when the Southcare Social Centre re-opens I can teach others too. 

Young is a people person and she loves helping.  I am so glad to have her in my life,” Trish said. 

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