Can you read the title of this book held by Southcare Star Graham here inside the Manning Library? It’s called “Simple Acts to Change the World” and that is exactly what Graham does in his role as a volunteer!

Graham volunteers with the City of South Perth’s Home Reader Service, which sees him collect books from the Manning Library and then drive with his fellow volunteer to deliver them to people’s homes for free.

“The home reader service is especially for those people who can’t leave the house to get to the library so my job, with the help of the library staff, is to take the library to them!” Graham says.

“Sometimes people might be unwell at home or perhaps no longer drive, so connecting them with a book this way brings a little bit of joy.”

The Home Reader Service is open to anyone who lives in the City of South Perth, joining is free and you just need a referral from your doctor explaining why you need the service.

Graham encourages all book loving Southcare Stars to sign up if they are eligible and has also asked if any customers currently receive the service as he would love to connect with you.

Southcare visits Graham once a fortnight to help around the garden in line with his approved care needs, and Graham visits the library once a fortnight to help others.

It’s a great display of caring hands in action, just like this book’s cover! Discover more about the Home Reader Service at (look under “library services”).