In five years as a volunteer, 77-year-old John Faulkner has helped more than 1,000 local families in the City of South Perth with emergency relief, which he says is “all part of the job”.  

His “job” of course is a community ambassador, a voluntary role that he delivers with enthusiasm every week with Manning-based Southcare, providing food, clothing and financial support for people in immediate crisis.  

For three hours every week John meets with local individuals and families, assessing their situation and deciding if they are eligible for further assistance.  

“Sometimes it is people in domestic violence or prison situations, other times people need help to pay their bills, or families might need help at the start of the school year because their money has been spent on supplies getting their children back to school. 

“I am a people person, I love listening and chatting and getting to know people’s stories and then of course helping where I can.  

“This attitude saw John recognised at the annual Southcare “Living the Southcare Values Awards” for his service and demonstration of the Southcare Values of Quality, Respect, Integrity, Cooperation and Empathy.  

John’s role as a community ambassador comes from good standing with 50 years’ working as a chartered accountant. 

“I still use those skills today, I set up the customer database using excel so that all the volunteers can easily access customer records which makes our job of helping people easier and quicker. 

National Volunteer Week runs from 16-22 May 2022 with the theme of “Better Together”. 

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said volunteers started Southcare in 1982 and there are 40 volunteers helping today. 

If you would like to volunteer at Southcare contact 9450 6233 or email