As part of our commitment to protect and connect, we are sharing some answers to some frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.  Please take the time to read these so you can make an informed decision regarding your care and whether getting the vaccine is the right choice for you. 

Thank you for continued support as we use our caring hands to collectively navigate and manage COVID-19. 

Does Southcare have a COVID-19 plan? 

Yes, and it remains firmly in place after being activated when news of the pandemic first broke.   We are constantly monitoring updates from the Department of Health and WA State Government and our plan remains responsive to all changes so we can continue our work as an essential service.  

Do all Southcarers (staff and volunteers) have to get the COVID-19 vaccine? 

No.  The decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine is an individual choice and, as such, the decision rests entirely with the staff member and volunteer.   

As an essential service and in line with WA Government advice, we do encourage everyone to “roll up for WA” to get the vaccine, but equally respect each individual’s decision. 

As you know, we have long advocated that the best protection against the vaccine is with strong and proven infection control measures including regular hand washing/sanitising, wearing masks and physical distancing and our position on that remains unchanged.  

As a customer, can I refuse service from my regular Southcare support worker if the Southcare support worker has not had the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Yes.   If you feel strongly that you would only like vaccinated Southcarers to visit you, we can arrange that.   Your service is about maintaining your independence so we welcome your thoughts on how that would best work and will accommodate your decisions accordingly. 

You just need to call our Rostering team so we can make the necessary arrangements.  

Remember, that the best defence against the virus is stringent infection control procedures including regular hand washing/sanitising, wearing masks and physical distancing and our position on that remains unchanged. 

As a customer, can I be denied services if I choose to not get the vaccine?  

No.   Southcare is an essential service and has a commitment and duty of care to protect and connect you. The level of service you receive will continue at the high standard you are accustomed to. 

Will Southcare keep a record of who has been vaccinated? 

Yes. Southcare will keep a record of staff and volunteers who choose to get the vaccine. If you wish to share this information with us, we will record it against your record. Management of this data will be kept in accordance with the current privacy legislation. 

Do all Southcarers (staff and volunteers) have to get the flu vaccine? 

Yes.  All Southcarers are encouraged to have a flu vaccine every year.  

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