40 years ago, we started something very special and this year we invite you to join us in celebrating this incredible legacy. 

Southcare’s story began on 6 April 1982 when we first started used our caring hands.  We have been using them ever since and in doing so have helped thousands of people in the community we all call home.   

From humble beginnings by a small and determined group of some 20 volunteers, Southcare began helping people in the local area with emergency assistance of baby blankets and food hampers.  Today this legacy continues with 38 volunteers and 96 staff members providing this essential service. In 2020-2021, we provided over 63,400 hours of home care to 1,100 customers and  some1,440 people regained their independence with the help of the Community Support Team. The social impact of our volunteers’ contribution was $285,000 to our community. 

Today, Southcare’s caring hands are held by a diverse collaboration of people, cultures, teams, services, communities, and partnerships, all working together to enhance the quality of life of our customers.  

Through the provision of support and in-home aged care services, we help our customers remain independent and comfortable in their own home and community.    

We provide a diverse range of Government and community-funded services in home and aged care, Aboriginal family support, financial counselling, emergency relief, social connection, and community amenities through our Op Shop and social facilities. 

We lead a community collaboration program, Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards, and are significantly re-shaping accessible housing for seniors with our innovative Mankara development.    

Our caring hands work with many others, and we are always looking for caring hand to join our team. 

 If you would like to be a part of the Southcare story by working with us in a paid or volunteer role, email Team HR at HR@southcare.org.au. 

If you have a story to share about Southcare’s history, email Team Marketing at marketing@southcare.org.au. 

Follow along on our Facebook and Linked In, over the coming days we will be sharing a little bit of Southcare’s history every day as we countdown, as well as looking to the future.