Being married for 53 years, Southcare Stars Shirley and Sam certainly have seen and experienced a lot of changes together.

“We met and got married within 6 weeks,” Shirley said. “It was quite the whirlwind romance back then, particularly as I was engaged to someone else at the time!” she laughs.

They have lived here in WA as well as Sam’s home country of Ireland, raised their children and grandchildren and travelled in between.

They have lived in their home for the last 24 years and both say that moving now is an “absolute last resort”.

“We love it here, we love the neighbours, we’ve created so many wonderful memories and have no plans to leave,” Shirley says.

One of the changes they have both navigated together is getting older and Shirley becoming Sam’s carer.

“Age brings different hurdles to the surface, and we tackle those together with our relationship today stronger than ever because we still look out for each other,” she says.

Southcare visits Shirley and Sam four times a week for gardening, cleaning and allied health appointments, in line with their approved care needs.

“It’s great to have an extra pair of hands around the home, to keep it looking great both inside and out and also to help us, because staying here and keeping independent is what we both want.” Shirley says.

“Things get harder as you get older and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

“Get help when you need it. Keep looking forward and stay positive.”

Great advice, Shirley!

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